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Full Version: Guestland spawn moved?
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Hey guys! I'm just wondering has the Guestland spawn place been moved. I can't find where I originally built my Planet Express building, it used to be /warp guestland, walk out door and go left and fly to the beach. But now theres the flats and a (different?) wilderness. Or shall I have a rummage around the wilderness and find it?
We moved it 2 days ago, then I pasted your Planet Express building near it. So it's the same one for you. I did change the wilderness entrance last night though for easyer access.
I found the old one anyways, I wanted to show a friend a building that i really liked near there Tongue
i found your planet express build and i think it is epic! looks just like it is in the show!
I am glad that you where lost, but now you are found, amazing grace, how sweet the sound....i have nothing constructive to add here
I want to see this planet express thing... Show me next time we're on jazza.
Has it changed or just moved?
Acedter, this is an old thread from a world that no longer exists. Sorry for the confusion.

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